Few months back on kickstarter there was a project named ‘ Phonebloks ‘ which had caught an eye of internet investors and now Google has also supported this project and named it as ‘ The Project Ara ‘. Basically the idea of the Phonebloks is to divide our phone to various modules. Our phone contains various modules like speaker, camera etc. Now what Phonebloks tells that we can divide them and place it into our device based on our requirements.

Suppose someone likes to have higher camera then he can place camera according to that and of that higher configuration. Then someone says i need loud-speaker then for him/her we can place higher speaker module. SO it was the basic idea that Phonebloks gave. Now after Google’s approach to it they renamed it and renamed it to project Ara. And Just days ahead of the Project Ara Developers Conference, Google has released the first version of the Module Developers Kit (MDK).

Now the main difference between Phonebloks and Project Ara is that only that Google is inviting developers to design for it as they have already released MDK. According to Google the modules should ‘create a smooth, flat, pebble form’ so that they’re easy to insert into the slots and that the completed devices are ‘enjoyable to handle.’

On Project Ara website they have given a note that ” The Module Developers Kit (MDK) defines the Ara platform for module developers and provides reference implementations for various design features. The Ara platform consists of an on-device packet-switched data network based on the MIPI UniPro protocol stack, a flexible power bus, and an elegant industrial design that mechanically unites the modules with an endoskeleton. Throughout 2014, the Project Ara team will be working on a series of alpha and beta MDK releases. We welcome developer input to the MDK: either through the Ara Module Developers mailing list/forum or at one of the series of Developers Conferences. Additionally, if you’d like to create a reference module design, please get in touch! ”

If your are a developer and would like to be part of Project Ara then rush to it. For now Google  hopes to have the first commercially-available Ara phones ready by the first quarter of 2015 and between now and then, it will educate developers and manufacturers on how to create the modules that’ll make up those units.

Image Credits : Phonebloks