YouTube a web app rather then just a web site is booming the video streaming industries for ages, not for ages but the for the reasonable duration which is similar to an era. YouTube is the third most visited site in the world just falling behind the and according to the Alexa ranking. Big news is that that are resources which just has found that Yahoo is working on to create YouTube rival. According to Yahoo, YouTube has ruled the video streaming industry for enough time and now this we giant wants to change this.

According to Re/Code, Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer wants the site to have a much larger video presence, and it’s willing to go right after some of YouTube’s biggest stars and networks. Yahoo wants to take the advantage of the YouTube’s fe-up ness against their policies and Yahoo hope that they can take the advantage from that.

Marissa Meyer, she  was the Googler in past and has tried to apply the Googley stuff on Yahoo, she has done well to get Yahoo back on track. Marissa has been working hard and she is pushing efforts to make Yahoo sustain in the market. This time Meyer’s approach will be a little different. While YouTube is wild and free, allowing anyone with an account to upload content, it sounds as though Meyer prefers to create a network exclusive to popular video personalities, rather than letting anyone and everyone upload content. If successful, Yahoo could potentially open the platform up, but for now Meyer has her sights set on YouTube’s elite; it’s unclear which personalities and networks Yahoo has approached.

Video has the maximum potential and YouTube has ruled it for long, will this news from the Yahoo can change scenario? We can’t predict anything as there is not any official announcement by Yahoo yet but if you see an YouTube rival in few months then it won’t be anything new.

Image Credits : Yahoo