We discussed about the tall girls and now it’s time to focus on simple fashion tips for short girls. With the following fashion tricks you will never have to worry about the height of your body.

Go for bold colors

When picking out items for your outfit, make sure to select them from one color. From top to your shoes, from hair clips to your stockings, go for a single color. Since dark colors make you look slim, it is always better to choose black, navy blue, charcoal, burgundy or any other dark color you prefer.

Photo credts-zenscablay http://flickr.com

Photo credts-zenscablay

Pick tops with vertical patterns

Vertical lines or similar patterns can visually make you appear slimmer and taller. At the same time, asymmetrical patterns can hide your length while circular patterns will make you look more petite, so it is safe to avoid them.

V is great for the neck

If you want to make your neck appear more elongate, choose tops with V necks or similarly open ones.

Photo credts-Agatha Garcia http://flickr.com

Photo credts-Agatha Garcia

Think twice about the mini skirt

Miniskirts or mini dresses show off a lot of leg which can make your overall look appear short. They look great on ladies with long slender legs so you will have to consider about the mini clothes you have in your wardrobe.

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Photo credts-xubangwen

Straight legged pants are great

In the earlier post, we discussed how hip hugging and cuffed pants look great on tall women. In the same way, short ladies can choose pants with straight legs that will do wonders to your look.

Use heels as much as possible

If your natural height is not up to your desire, why not add some extra height through heels? There is a wide range of shoes to choose from that can make you a couple of inches higher than usual.

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Photo credts-SimpleSky


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