Bras play a major role in every woman’s day and it is very important to know the must have bras. Since there are various types of bras available in the market, a majority of women tend to choose the wrong bra thus causing an uncomfortable look as well as feel. Although the main objective of every bra is the same, they can be designed to fulfill various needs. So here’s a list of must have bras for everyday wardrobe.


The must have minimizer

No matter if you have the extra bust size, a minimizer is one of the must have bras in every woman’s wardrobe. As the name suggests, the main aim of a minimizer is to reduce the bust size while they can be used to give some shape to your breasts.

Photo credts-Jorge Mejia Peralta http://sara1593

Photo credts-Jorge Mejia Peralta


When it comes to an evening party or a get-together where you have chosen a beautiful strapless gown, a strapless bra can be a life saver. If your top needs it, you can even wear it for casual events as well.



If you think that your bra is visible through your top, it is safe to go for a seamless bra. A seamless bra is ideal for t-shirts and soft blouses.

Photo credts-Jacklee http://Hannah Harper

Photo credts-Jacklee
http://Hannah Harper

Back fat fixer bra

For casual outings or everyday work, a fixer bra can do miracles to keep you comfortable. Working women adore fixer bras and they are great for schoolgirls as well.




For early morning jogging or working outs, a sports bra is one of the essentials. They are designed to reduce the motion of the breasts while exercising or any other similar activity.

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Photo credts-Hans


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