If you are one of those ladies out there who’s frustratingly holding lipstick in one hand and lip stain on the other, this article is for you. Have you ever considered the inside advantages of using lip stain instead of lipstick rather than the color and the price? If so, here are some important aspects to consider when deciding on lip stain instead of lipstick.

Photo credts-Mai Le http://flickr.com

Photo credts-Mai Le

Lasts longer

The best thing about lip stain is its long life span and there are some top brands which can last for even 12 hours. Therefore you can even go to bed and wake up with the same rosy lips you got last night.


No stains on cups

Although leaving lipstick marks on glasses is not the end of the world but it is an uncomfortable experience. It’s true that you can easily find the cup you have been using but it would be safe to let out your glass clean and clear.

Photo credts-LauraLewis23 http://flickr.com

Photo credts-LauraLewis23

No need to re-apply

You must have already experienced the eventual fading of lipstick which requires frequent re-application. Unless you are in love of the process of reapplying lipstick, switch to lip stain which will be there no matter what you eat or drink. It’s great for kissing too because unlike lipstick, lip stain does not leave any marks on your guy’s lips.


Zero strands of hair getting stuck in your mouth

For outdoor occasion where you would let your hair out, lip stain is the ideal product to use because you can easily stay off of annoying stuck hair which might even smudge your beautiful makeup when trying to entangle it.

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Photo credts-AJC1

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