No matter if you are a natural blonde or someone who went through a color swap to blonde, it is very important to know about the specific hairstyles for blonde hair. While there are numerous hairstyles in the world, there are certain blonde hairstyle tips every blonde should know. So let’s take a look at what these tips and tricks are.


Blending hair color

The bold blonde trend is gradually fading and now is the time to show off soft blended dark blonde tones. If your complexion is fairer than others, blending is the best and you can add some extra fun to it by using warm tones on hairline. If not, you can easily go for light highlights which is another good method to show off your beautiful hair.


Butter blonde

Buttery blonde is not yellow so don’t get this wrong. This color will be great on those with fairly medium complexion as it is not too light and not too dark either. Dark eyes complement amazingly with this hair. However, this hair is in need of a lot of care so you might just have to pay the cost of what you get.


Colorful curls

If you have an amazingly beautiful curly hair like Taylor Swift, why not add some fun to it through color blending. It is appropriate for any kind of skin and make sure to leave separate curly in different tones.

beautiful brunette

Strikes of color

You may have already seen peekaboo princesses with pops of color on their hair and isn’t it amazing? Blonde hair can be easily matched up with strikes of pink, turquoise and even pastel purple would be nice.



Photo credit-loveMaegan