When the news came out that Facebook just bough the instant messaging giant WhatsApp, it was a surprise as there where many competitors for that. Google was in the queue, there were some marks which tells that Google has approached the WhatsApp founders. One name who was not in this list was Microsoft but in a recent interview with Bill Gates, Mr. Gates just confirmed that Microsoft would have bought WhatsApp too but not at the price of $19 billion, at which Facebook has acquired it.

This clarifies one thing that Facebook and Google weren’t the only companies interested in acquiring WhatsApp: Microsoft was also “willing” to buy the messaging app. WhatsApp is messaging platform and an alternative for regular SMS and Facebook acquired it for $19bn in February. Facebook’s main goal behind this is to maintain the open environment for users like us and their focus on mobile platform rather then desktop for their social network.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Bill gate answered the technology question and one was related to A Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp and he replied for that ” It means that Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be the next Facebook. Mark has the credibility to say, “I’m going to spend $19 billion to buy something that has essentially no revenue model.” I think his aggressiveness is wise – although the price is higher than I would have expected. It shows that user bases are extremely valuable. It’s software; it can morph into a broad set of things – once you’re set up communicating with somebody, you’re not just going to do text. You’re going to do photos, you’re going to share documents, you’re going to play games together. ”

Only this but Bill Gates also sees himself in Mark Zuckerberg, while talking about this he said that ” We’re both Harvard dropouts, we both had strong, stubborn views of what software could do. I give him more credit for shaping the user interface of his product. He’s more of a product manager than I was. ” After reading this Mark must be in two mind.

Image Credits : todayonline.com

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