With the Valentine’s Day at hand, here are some important Valentine’s Day fashion tips for any woman who wants to look sexy for her man. He may be already attracted to you but there’s nothing wrong in intensifying his desires, is there? No matter what people say about true love not affected by looks, men do respond to women that worry over her looks. You don’t need to be flawlessly beautiful, you just need to matchup your clothes and accessories as well as colors and shapes to look beautiful. However, there is one major rule that should be carefully analyzed, never cross the line between sexy and slutty.


Pick a flirty dress in a pretty color

The dress is the major topic in Valentine’s Day fashion tips. Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, you can go for flattering colors. Bold colors are more suitable for elegant dates and you can go for prints for simpler occasions.

Valentine’s Day fashion tips

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Identify your best feature

Each girl is beautiful and there is one unique feature that hoists her in to that level. It may be your eyes, cheekbones, hair, body shape or long neck, but the trickiest part is identifying it. Think about the past and consider others’ comments about your looks and that is the easiest method. Once you figure out your plus point, work for it. If your eyes are gorgeous, eye makeup should get your attention and if you have a long neck, go for dresses with beautiful open neck lines. You can pair up some sexy earrings to bring up your eye color and thin faces should go for round earrings so vice versa.

Valentine’s Day fashion tips

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Balance your look

Be careful about your showed-off body, every feature must be balanced with each other. For example, if you’re planning to wear a mini skirt, go safe on the top and if you choose a low cut neckline, never show off your legs.

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Photo credts- AgathaGarcia

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