No matter if you are going to get your very first tattoo or just interested in adding a few more to your body art, unique tattoo ideas is what everybody is looking for. So if you want to stand out from the crowd, simply consider the following unpopular tattoo ideas which will definitely add some extra uniqueness to your creativity.



You don’t always have to love the sea to show off your creativity with an anchor tattoo. Sometimes, anchor tattoos are used by women to show how love has anchored her and men have used it to denote how strongly they have kept their feet on the ground through tough times.

unique tattoo ideas

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Travel items

This type of tattoos is rarely seen but if you love traveling, this can rank as the best in line. You can choose, compass, airplanes, cruises or even travel quotes and sometimes, vintage compasses and maps are also used, which draws the attention of anybody passing by.



Cartoon and movie characters are a great way to represent your personality as well as the culture you grew up in. Cartoons are not restricted for kids, and I have seen many women and young men wear tattoos bearing Disney characters.

unique tattoo ideas

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Mr. Owl is the top listed creature in this list, but you can also use birds, dogs and cats to express you love for your pets.

tattoos on women

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If you are looking forward to covering your entire body by tattoos, this will be a good idea. It can be a popular place or it can even be your home or a similarly related environment.

unique tattoo ideas

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