As a woman, you must be careful when making the choice to get a tattoo on your body. You want it to be in a tasteful and flattering spot and you shouldn’t make choices that you will regret after a couple of years. No matter how flattering your tattoos ill look, you always have to pay the price, they will definitely hurt and it all depends on your pain tolerating. Everyone is prone to handle it differently and if you are looking for useful tips, here are some popular places to get tattoos on women.



Ankle is the best feminine place to get a tattoo on and it is one of the least painful places in the body. It is best for simple bold tattoos or designs.

tattoos on women

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Inner wrist

Inner wrist is the best place to get small tattoos, words or quotes to get inked on and the place is low on the pain scale too. It is one of the early healing places but this may depend on your body type. If you do not want your tattoo to be seen, you can easily cover it up with a couple of bracelets.



Ear is the ideal place for statement tattoos and another popular place is behind the ear. It is painless – or more accurately, less pain – and can be easily hidden by ling hair.

tattoos on women

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Top finger is a very good place for small symbols such as the heart, star or moon while the side of the finger is popularly used to ink out quotes or names.



All the parts of shoulder are used as popular tattoo places but since shoulders are more of bones rather than flesh, it is going to hurt a bit.

tattoos on women

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