Office wear is one of the most common aspects of a man’s lifestyle. To stand out as a man to watch, you need to know each and every tip from matching your shirt to tying the right knot. So let’s take a look at a couple of office wear tips that are generally practiced.


Face shape

If your face is narrow and pointy, the best choice of collars for you will be cutaway collars or rounded penny collars. They will help your face to soften sharp angles and make your face look fuller. For those with round faces, pointed collars will be the best choice as their lines will direct others to view your jaw as a firm and defined one.


Color of the suit

The color of the suit play a major role when presenting you to the society and as a universal rule, dark colors and bold patterns are born for casual instances while stripes and contrasting colors can awe the boardroom.


The tie knot

The most common tie knot used in office-wear is the four-in-hand knot which is sometimes referred to as the schoolboy knot. It’s slightly asymmetrical which makes it perfect for slimmer ties and single breasted suits.


Ensure the knot

The knot must conceal the collar behind and you can briefly fix your knot to loosen it or to fit comfortably.


Tie dimples

Creating dimples right below the knot has become the latest trend and you can easily fix up a dimple by using your index finger from the front.


Point of the tie

As a universally recognized rule, any tie should be worn so that the tip of it will slightly touch the waistband. Wear it too short and you’ll be recognized as a schoolboy and the opposite will just be a label saying ‘look at my crotch’ which will not be quite office-like.

Photo credit-victor1558