Did you know that the water level in your body can affect your natural beauty? You’d be surprised to know how the high intake of water can increase your inner glow not to mention how high it will place you in the health meter.
How exactly can water affect you beauty? Let’s take a look.

Photo credts-fox_kiyo http://flickr.com

Photo credts-fox_kiyo

Ph Balance
You must have already come across this pH range which determines the acidity or the basicity of substances. Therefore pH balance of the skin is one of the most significant aspects and water play a major role in this process. Pure water has a pH value of 7 which stands for neutral range and the intake of pure water can balance the high or low pH value of the body and skin which can result in a healthier body and skin.

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Photo credts-Greg Riegler

Remove toxins
Water is one of the natural substances that can flush out toxins from our body. These toxins can be the cause of dangerous health issues as well as common beauty concerns. This is the story behind water reducing acne and pimples because they are results of specific toxins that clog the pores in the outer skin.

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No wrinkles or scars
Since water is a natural hydrating source, the elasticity of your skin will be safeguarded which in turn will reduce the risks of getting wrinkles, scars or soft lines. Rough palms and feet will have no chance as it speeds up the skin moisturizing process which will help you maintain a soft and supple skin.


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