Everyone’s favorite Google has surpassed Exxon Mobil Corp. as the second most valuable giant in the US market. Now the only flag that Google approaching for is the top one from Apple Inc. Apple Inc has been dominating the number one place for long time and it won’t be new if Google beat’s it up.

Currently Google has many things that is letting it’s graph growing. First is it’s advertising business from it’s search engine which is enormously large and still growing. Google’s Android is another reason you can say is an ingredient to this growth and the acquisition’s Google has being doing is also helping the Google to grow and make their reach huge. According to the recent reports by Bloomberg, Google close in New York to a value of $395.4 billion compared to Exxon’s $395.7 billion. Apple had a market value of $463.5 billion. Software company Microsoft Corp. is No. 4 with $303.5 billion.

Exxon is the world’s largest oil producer by market value. Exxon has been under pressure since it reported fourth-quarter output declined last month and it has helped Google to grab the second position. On the other hand Google played it better in its fourth quarter. Last month, it reported that revenue, excluding sales passed on to partners, rose 11 percent to $13.6 billion, topping projections of $13.4 billion. Note that all the figures are taken from a report produced by Bloomberg.

With Google leading it’s way to top, it would be interesting to see what are the moves other will play to remain in the game. Apple and Microsoft, the tech giant’s which are in run with Google will be in focus for now. It would be interesting to see the fight.

Image Credits : bloomberg.com

Image Source : http://www.bloomberg.com/image/iedsMROVEMS4.jpg