Eyewear has been able to make a huge comeback in the recent years and it’s always better to know the eyewear trends of the modern world. From optical frames to eye-catching sunglasses, there are numerous types of eyewear available in the market and listed below are a couple of eyewear that are in the current trend.


Dark brown shades

The eyewear trend has shifted slightly to the sepia world with the comeback of sunglasses that come in shades of brown with gold tints. This is also called as instagram-inspired and gives a reminiscent feeling to both the user as well as to the viewer.


Photo credts- Kamila Gornia

Two-toned frames

Want to show off your unique style? Then eyewear with two toned frames is the best choice for you. Make sure to select matching colors to the left and right halves of the frame.


Blue lens

Using blue lens in the eyewear has also grabbed the attention of a lot as it instantly gives a feeling of the ocean. Among different shades of blue, turquoise and teal are the most popular and sometimes, these can be optimized with the ‘’floating lens effect’’ for a more dramatic feel.


Photo credts- Ctd2005

Floral frames

Floral frames have also ranked the trend, recently which easily shouts out ‘’FUN’’ in complete capital letters. They are more suitable for casual events and can be easily paired with a tee, skinny jeans, shorts or even maxi dresses.


Geek style

Angular cut, neutral colored geek style eyewear is back in action. In addition to the sophisticated look, you will get a bonus mathematical feel when wearing them.
Photo credit- Shelin Graziela