Eye makeup can either improve or retreat your looks and eye shadows play a major role in this. No matter whether it is a going out with your girls or an elegant evening, always make sure to use the perfect eye makeup and with the following eye shadow tips, you can never go wrong.


1. Apply a foundation powder

First things first, and the first step for eye shadow wearing is ignored by most of the ladies out there. It is always better to apply a foundation powder, preferably a mineral one, before applying eye shadow. It makes your eye shadow last for a longer time and cleaning the eye shadow will become more effective and easier.

eye shadow tips

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2. Cover your eyelid with white eye shadow

If you want your eyes to appear bigger, you can easily use white eye shadow all over the eyelid. It will not only make your eyes stand out, but will also enhance the darker colors you used on top of it.

eye shadow tips

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3. Apply the color

After you have evenly spread the white on your eyelid, you can choose a preferable darker color to put on the crease. Brown is an all time favorite and it never gets old. It is best of you apply the darker color from the middle of the crease to the outer corner which will not hide the white eye shadow. It should appear as an extended triangle across your crease. If you are not using an eye shadow brush, you can simply use a slightly damp Q-tip.

eye shadow tips

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4. Blend in harsh lines

This step is very important because lines, in eye shadow is a serious “don’t”. So make sure to use the brush or your finger to gently swipe over the lines to blend the colors together.

eye shadow tips

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