Nadella: I’m the CEO of Microsoft

Relatives: you didn’t get into Infy?

Nadella: don’t you know Microsoft? We make windows!

Relatives: you studied so much to end up being a carpenter?

Nadella: not real windows! We make and sell the windows software.

Relatives: people buy windows software? We thought it’s open source and available on all torrent websites.

Nadella: that’s piracy!

Relatives: no, it’s ‘windows’. What kind of a CEO are you?

Nadella: I’m the CEO of Microsoft. Not just windows.

Relatives: oh ok. Bring us ipods and iPhones when you come here.

Nadella: ah forget it.

Nadella’s Neighbour Aunty: “And Beta, what are you upto nowadays?”

Nothing much aunt, just took a new job as Microsoft CEO.

“Good, but look our Golu has joined infy and that too as a Team lead .. Didnt you apply at Infy?”

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Note: This post is just a funny representation of our creativity. It has nothing to do with any individual and has no means to hurt sentiments of any person, place, organization and others.

Cartoon Attribution: x-ray delta one