Are you thinking of adding color to your hair? Then this is for you. Changing the hair color is the easiest way to reinvent yourself not to mention the inner color it adds to your life.
The time for ombre hair and highlights is gradually getting out of town and the latest trend is pure solid colors. However, the trend will not be completed without the right colors so let’s take a look at the trending hair colors of the season.

Jet black

Add some drama into your life, let out your darker sides and color your hair jet black. Adding a bluish hue can also be astonishing so why not try it out?

Photo credts-M. Johansson

Photo credts-M. Johansson

Radiant orchid

Wanna show off the hot chick within? Follow Katy Perry and try out radiant orchid color on your head. You’ll be surprised to know your own self.

Platinum blonde

Platinum blonde is not a newbie to the world of colored hair but it’s time for it to stand up on its own. Use it as a solid color without as a highlight and who knows, you might get a ticket to Hollywood.


You can color your hair gold and add some dynamic to your boring life. After celebrities like Jennifer Lopez added pops of gold to their locks, gold emerged in the hair color world as a champion.

Photo credts-Keith Williamson

Photo credts-Keith Williamson

Silver grey

Surprisingly, silver grey is another popularly used hair color that has been able to hoist thousands of girls up in the beauty scale.

Rose gold

Bring out the sporty self within with rose gold hair color.


Auburn is a popular hair color mostly worn on winter and fall but now the trend has touched the whole year and you are not too late to try it out.

Photo credts-aprillynn77

Photo credts-aprillynn77

Photo credit-Bellafaye Garden