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Moto X is the first product of Motorola since it is acquired by Google. As a new year’s treat Motorola drops it’s Moto X price down to $399 which is $100 less than it’s previous price. Users are getting unsubsidized version means without any contract to any carrier. While contracted Moto X remains at $99.99. The developer version of Moto X is available at the price of $449.99 which is also less than previous for 32 GB model. Now to give you the brief about Motorola’s Moto X find some comments about it in below writing.

Before we move on here is part of the blog post from Motorola which says :

” Today several wireless carriers offer good month-to-month or prepaid service plans that cost much less than the contract plans that come with subsidized devices. Combine one of those plans with our new $399 everyday pricing and you could save hundreds of dollars over two years while keeping the freedom to change service providers when you feel like it. We can even help you finance your purchase* so you pay monthly for your contract-free Moto X. “

Moto X is the powerpact phone which runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat, it’s 4.7 inches screen is suitable for gaming and video streaming. It contains 10 MP rear and 2 MP front camera with LED flash and autofocus. Moto X’s dual core processor with 1.7 GHz is exceptional. Pure Google experience makes Moto X a must check device. ” Okay Google ” command will amaze you how this device can help you in every experience. Motorola’s Moto Maker is the coolest and it’s the first time any device manufacturer is enabling its user to customize the device look.

It’s a good start for Motorola in 2014 and hope they will continue this with more and more surprises for us. Moto X is the best device available in market as it’s the Google product at last.